Manoir de Houte

Le Manoir - Gîte nº1

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Rue de Houte 7, B 5340 Gesves, Belgium.

Route from Brussels:
- Take the Motorway E411 towards Namur/Luxembourg.
- On the Motorway E411, pass Beez viaduct on the Meuse River, pass the Exit Loyers, pass the Exit Wierde, take the Exit Nº18 "Courrière ", and take the National N4 towards Marche/Bastogne.
- On the National N4, after a descent and an ascent, after 1,5 km flat, after the Exit Andenne-Gesves-Profondville-Courrière, after the Exit Gesves-Sorinne la Longue-Assesse Centre, take the Exit Gesves-Assesse.
- After the exit turn left, below the National N4. Assesse small cemetery is on your right. Straight in front of you, take the "rue du Pourrain " during 3,7 km following the panels "L'Aubergesves ".
- 20 m before the hotel-restaurant "L'Aubergesves ", turn left into the "Rue Bableuse ", go on until the end of the street, 500 m.
- You have arrived at "Rue de Houte nº7 ", the big gate is the "Manoir de Houte " entrance. If you take the street to the left and progress along the property wall, you arrive at the neighbour, Annie Dessaintes' house at "Rue de Houte nº5B ". She will welkome you.
Route from Maastricht:
- Take the Motorway E25 towards Luik/Liège. After the Exit Nº4 you arrive at the Cheratte Motorway Crossing.
- Take the Motorway E40 Aachen-Bruxelles, towards Bruxelles. After the Exit Nº32 (Loncin Motorway Crossing) take the Motorway E42 Liège-Mons towards Mons.
- On the Motorway E42, after 50 km, you arrive at Exit Nº11, Daussoulx Motorway Crossing. Take the Motorway E411 Bruxelles-Luxembourg towards Luxembourg.
- Follow then the indications of the itinerary from Brussels.
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